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Choose the Open Business System (OBS) experience and find out how our diverse set of business management solutions can improve your day-to-day business operations and maximize your bottom line. Web-hosted and on-site installations are available, catering to both mission critical single-site installations and distributed workplace environments. You get our fully featured software for one flat rate. No need for independent programs and spreadsheets to track employees, accounting software, customers, sales and much more. There is no additional charge on a per computer basis to connect to your network. Choose to purchase OBS for one office location or your entire company. It's that SIMPLE!




Quickly and accurately manage all of your customer accounts in our easy to follow format. Computer generated check printing, accounts payable tracking, and the ability to view outstanding balances are examples of standard AP options. Our vendor discount options support the most advanced discount requirements. We support both automated and manual discounting based on date paid.

Point of Sale

We know customers hate to wait! Our POS systems ensure that the retailer/vendor is able to provide exceptional customer service, while maximizing cashiering, ordering and quoting productivity. Advanced features such as Open Tickets, Credit Card Guarantees, and Customer History, will give the retailer the edge to remain competitive in an already crowded market.


Want to expand your customer base? If you can ship a package you can start an online store and get more sales. Register today to start you own fully featured E-Commerce site and an inventory up to 20 items for FREE! You have nothing to lose!


Event tracking and task management made easy. Schedule and view events by day, week, or month. Assign tasks and define priority, status, and percentage completion to keep everyone on the same page. Don't keep organizing your entire daily business operations on sticky notes; manage your calendar from anywhere and collaborate across locations with OBS.

Human Resource

Full Employee data and hours are stored immediately in OBS with no need for a separate punch clock system. Security permissions allow management to access clear and concise reporting information while employees efficiently start, end, and account for all breaks with a click of the mouse. Multi-level access permissions individualized for each employee give you full control over job roles.


Accurately and precisely track your inventory of up to 250,000 items in UNLIMITED units of measure. Great for any sized business! Also includes full support for multiple Buy In/Sell In units of measure. Excellent for ordering and organizing quantity measures when buying by the CASE and selling by the EACH.

General Ledger

An integrated General Ledger allows true double entry bookkeeping and can be accessed throughout the application for all financial transactions. Maintain a Cart of Accounts with different account types and make precise GL account adjustments.

Credit Card Guarantee

Reduce the risk of bad debt from new customers while still encouraging patronage! Easily set up customer credit terms and guarantee that credit accounts will be paid. Complete data tracking allows you to view both open and posted transactions at any time. A merchant account compatible option (add-on) for all the current Major CC Payment Gateways makes subscription and auto-payments a breeze!


OBS supports mobile applications for use with Android, Apple, and any PDA or hand scanner. Use productivity software and access your schedule and task list on the go. Enable your employees to punch the time clock from anywhere and record work information. And whether you have a small shop or a large warehouse, integrating bar code scanners with OBS can make counting inventory quicker and easier.

EDI Capable

Allows data transfer of orders, pricing, and inventory data straight from major vendors removing the need to enter information by hand and saving you time, money, and increasing accuracy.


Accurately forecast gross profit on all quoted transactions. Easily adjust GP item by item or manipulate transaction pricing as a whole.

Workflow Tracking

Quick and easy access to historical data makes order tracking a breeze! Monitor transactions every step of the way!
From Quote --> Purchase Order --> Delivery --> Invoice! Sophisticated work flow tracking allows you to instantly view, edit, or reprint a current or past transaction.


Both Quick View and Comprehensive Reports are available for ALL financial and management reports. This includes a multitude of daily summary reports which offer you the opportunity to view a snap-shot of the financial and operational health of your business. All information in summary reports is heavily supported by detail reports with full transactional history.

Integrated Email

No need to transfer data from your accounting program to a separate email client, word document, or spreadsheet! Instantly e-mail clients, vendors, or affiliates invoices, purchase orders, or general communications straight from OBS with the click of your mouse!


Automatic shipping calculations and package tracking make sales and inventory changes easier to maintain. Support for USPS, UPS, and FedEx are included. Calculate shipping costs based on weight and package size, include handling charges, and insure packages. You can even integrate a digital scale for entering shipping weights!


As long as you use OBS, you will have our support with no extra cost or licensing. We assist you in getting setup with your OBS installation and offer several ways to get help when you need it most. Click HERE to read or download the OBS 4.0 User Manual.

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As long as you use OBS, you will have our support with no extra cost or licensing. We assist you in getting setup with your OBS installation and offer several ways to get help when you need it most. Download the OBS 4.0 User Manual, or for further support call (360) 635 - 0991.

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