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Open Business System (OBS) represents the leading edge in store business management software and retail solutions. The OBS solution offers Point of Sale and Back Office business management for all types of store fronts including retail, e-commerce, and specialty stores for small business management or large. Our experienced staff will design a custom system to fit all your company's needs. Click on the benefits below to explore or Contact us today!


24/7 worldwide access to your centralized database provides real-time data interaction allowing work to be accomplished when and where you need it without the guesswork.
No longer requiring manual entry of ordering and receiving information eliminates errors and lowers operating costs.
Gain greater knowledge of your company's ins and outs. Following trends to predict the future of your business with our large number of reports including balance sheets, income statements, aging AR reports, and much, much more!
Complete General Ledger accounting package including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale, Human Resource, Inventory Management, Vendor and Customer management and Invoice/Quote/Purchase Order Tracking. Inquire about additional features.
Not only can you track sales data, but also coordinate all pertinent customer information including separate billing, shipping, contact information, tax rates, unlimited sub-accounts, credit limits, tax ID numbers, usernames and passwords, and even authorized signers.
Computer generated check printing and support for all types of vendor discounts. It's no longer necessary to keep an additional spreadsheet to track your accounts payable. OBS offers all the necessary options to keep track of how much you owe and to whom.
Full Employee data and hours are stored immediately in OBS with no need for a separate punch clock system. View quick glance reports of trends and hours worked without requiring the need for separate calculations.
Accurately and precisely organize up to 250,000 inventory items with an unlimited number of custom units of measure. For example, you may purchase by the MBF (1000 Board Feet) you may sell by the (8 ft.) EA and inventory by the linear foot all with ONE program! Keep 100% accuracy over your inventory at any time regardless of how you purchase, sell, or organize your stock.
The goal of any merchant is to manipulate quotes and transactions to maximize gross profit while still ensuring competitive pricing. OBS allows you to do just that, only with less hassle! Update inventory costs/pricing as a whole or on an item by item basis giving you precise control over both profit and customer appeal.
Expanded credit card handling options eliminate slow paying or past-due customers! One feature which increases cash flow is the Credit Card Guarantee. This allows a merchant to arrange terms based on days late or credit limit reached, insuring the balance owed with a stored credit card on file. In the event the account ever breaches credit terms, the credit card on file can be used to bring the account to current.
OBS allows you to expand your business into new markets with easy to use features like unlimited multi-currency, endless multi-tax capabilities, and e-commerce. E-commerce allows you to do business via the World Wide Web with support for both retail and commercial sales. Harnessing the power of e-commerce capabilities will help your business grow without being limited by physical locale.
Retain customer loyalty and satisfaction with our featured workflow tracking: quote, to purchase order, delivery, and finally invoice! With any invoice, PO, quote, or Customer Code, you can efficiently track order status, find related transactions, and accurately forecast a delivery date and order completion! Imagine never misplacing an order again!
Allow as much or as little information required to each individual allowing tasks to be completed without any risk of tampering or accidental altering of important data. Sensitive bank information, employee information, check printing, and all other data can be safely secured behind password protected permissions.
No additional charge on a per computer basis to connect to your network! Choose to purchase OBS for one office location or your entire company! It's That SIMPLE!
Open Business Systems works for you.

What we don't want you to forget is that Open Business System is a customizable solution that is constantly growing. If you feel that what we have presented you with doesn't meet your needs, feel free to contact us so that we can learn what your needs are to build the system that is perfect for you and your company.


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As long as you use OBS, you will have our support with no extra cost or licensing. We assist you in getting setup with your OBS installation and offer several ways to get help when you need it most. Download the OBS 4.0 User Manual, or for further support call (360) 635 - 0991.

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