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"The Open Business System philosophy is to simplify, simplify, Simplify! To start with, there are NO heavy service contracts! If you can find another company that provides a better solution for your business needs then we’re not doing our job. We will do everything within our realm of knowledge to create a product that is a fit for you!"

- Nicholas Waters, founder of OBS


OBS is fully expandable! Run as many sales terminals/registers as you need with no additional licensing costs! Included is one Lifetime License per location/office.

OBS works seamlessly both online and on-location simultaneously. This allows a remote sales force to process transactions away from the store, as well as manage all in-house sales.

We have created a new online pre-ordering option. This gives you two added benefits: e-commerce abilities, as well as giving customers the ability to shop while you’re closed and have picking slips ready for your employees when they arrive.

Our countless OBS options will suit any application, when it comes to physical size, power, and cost. (i.e. mini towers, flat monitors, electronic signature capture, credit card swipe keyboards, etc.)

Several add-ons are available, such as wireless networking for all office machines and terminals. Plus wireless bar code scanning for both inventory reconciliation and order entry.

OBS has extensive business management features, such as inventory management in multiple units of measure, purchasing and receiving, quoting, label and promotional sign printing, customer accounts, multi-currency transactions, wireless ordering, and many other inventory solutions. In addition we offer flexible reporting to ensure accuracy and the ability to decide what information is important to your business. Reports include sales reports by product (regular or promotional), margins, stock count, trends, cost management, inventories, cashier balancing, and much, much more! All reporting is capable of cumulative totals by day, week, month, or year. Now, after the completion of OBS version 4.0 you can expect even greater control and ease in accounting simplicity. Contact a sales associate today to get started!

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