Why is Cloud Based POS (point of sale) Better?

Date: 2/6/2018 Catagory : Article

In the early to mid 90's as computers become more robust and affordable for everyday business use. Remember we said affordable, not cheap. In order to have more than one sales register you would need a on-site server to keep the registers in sync, when you also piled on the cost of printers, servicing and other hardware you had yourself a substantial investment that will take a while to see your ROI (return on investment).

The Cloud Isn’t Just Efficient, It’s a Huge Money-Saver Too.

Over the past 20 years refinement for POS systems have come a long way. One of the most sought after features is the ability to be hosted from the cloud. As previously mentioned POS systems came at a cost. When you choose to host from the cloud you free yourself of burdens that have troubled business owners for years. Your data is safely kept off-site and routinely backed up to protect against natural and unnatural disasters including environmental and digital. Servicing fees and hardware upgrades are no longer a worry, service providers are able to keep systems up to date, maintained, and can be scaled without the need for on-site visits or any down time.

Choosing a cloud based POS system gives you the freedom to become the business professional you set out to be. You will be able to keep you mind on growing your business, retaining customer retention, and what your next big innovation will be. The mobility, security, and overall labor-saving potential afforded by cloud technology has made work simpler for businesses of every kind.

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